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Chemical Peel Treatment

Our facial skin is likely to grow damage and infections due to the constant exposure to pollution, sun rays and other kinds of climatic conditions. Even some of the cosmetic products that we use can cause many side effects. Dermatologists and Skin experts recommend various types of methods, according to your skin conditions and rigorousness of damage. Chemical Peel is one of the most useful procedure for skin damage.

 Chemical peel treatment is such a procedure where skin’s external layer is exfoliated with a specific chemical solution that has AHA - alpha hydroxyl acids or phenols and TCA - trichloroacetic acid. When the damaged skin is eradicated utterly, the healthy and radiant layers will get uncovered. The new skin layers boost the glow of your exterior epidermal layers. In many cases, this procedure is carried out jointly with other methods like dermal fillers, botulinum rejuvenation and laser peeling. Before going through the process, your dermatologist will test whether it suits your skin type or not.


·         The chemical peel procedure helps to remove aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles.
·         It boosts the color, glow and cell texture.
·         This procedure also heals different types of scars and acne on your face.
·         It can also reduce several skin issues such as age spots, freckles and blotchiness that can cause skin disfiguration.

Chemical peel – The process

People who require a special concern are generally prescribed for a Pre-peel session. Usually, individuals who have extremely sensitive skin prone to the side effects undergo pre-peel therapy.
·         The process is then started with a comprehensive distillation of the outer layer of your skin. Later, it is followed along with some minimal surgical steps. In this process, the dermatologist uses anesthesia.
·         Later, the skin doctor applies a solution consistently on your skin, and let it sit for a few minutes.
·         Additional care is taken while peeling it off.
·         The after-treatment contains applying a lotion to calm the skin. If someone has gone through a deep peel treatment, essential after-care is given to the surgical area including dressing on the wounds.
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