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Simple Ways to Deal With Depression

Nowadays, it seems like we're busier than ever. According to a statistics, it is estimated that about 350 million people of different ages suffer from depression.

What is depression? – Simple ways to deal with depression

First of all, what is depression? Every event which causes unhappiness at a serious level or in a long time is likely to causes depression. Depression is a complicated illness. It is a state of one's health in which a person feels very sad, worried, nervous or even hopeless about things which happen in their lives.
Depression often has physical symptoms such as being unable to sleep, being slack, losing appetite etc.
Here is some simple steps that everyone can take to get rid of depression.

Why do you get depressed? – Simple ways to deal with depression
There is more than one reasons for depression. More precisely, there are a lot of things that can make a person get depressed.
Biology: things like our genes, brain chemistry, and hormones.
Natural world: things like environment, weather, sunshine, sunset, seasons, and our society.
Habits:  a routine of behavior that we repeat daily.
Unhappy experience: such as being unemployed, or a severe chemical imbalance.
How to recognize depression?Simple ways to deal with depression
Depression can be diagnosed by several symptoms such as:
-      Short-term memorization: You’ve just read an article about Donald Trump and his policy and then you forget all the details quickly. Be aware of it, you may be suffering from depression.
-       Hesitating in making decisions: Depression causes trouble in thinking. You may wonder:  What is correct? What is incorrect? Whether it is right or not? What should be done?
-     Having difficulty in focusing: Low concentration can be caused by many reasons such as hungry, hormone disorder, sadness, etc
-    Feeling fatigue, tired and bored all the time without any reasons: This is one of the most outstanding symptom for depression to be diagnosed. 
-  Feeling overwhelming sadness: People who get depressed also experience overwhelming unhappiness, helplessness, loneliness.
-       Feeling hopeless, pessimistic.
-       Feeling guilty.
-       Losing weight suddenly.
-       Do not want to eat.
-       Cannot control personal emotion.

What can we do to deal with depression? Simple ways to deal with depression
Depression is an illness that should be treated immediately. We should call for a doctor to get professional advices whenever noticed some of the symptoms mentioned above. If you don’t want, let’s try some simple ways to deal with depression.
Tip 1: Talk to one person about your feelings.
One of the best ways to deal with depression is sharing your feeling with another. Talking is really a hard stuff, especially when you are in depressed mode. However, it would be greater to talk to someone. Never block yourself alone with concrete walls and iron machines in your room. At least, call or email an old friend. I suggest you should talk to your friends or family face-to-face, have lunch or drink something. Besides, you can join any activities you like such as dancing, reading books or playing an instrument.
Tip 2: Do exercise
To snap someone out of depression, exercise sounds to be a good idea. Professor advise people who get depressed to exercise for about 30 minutes per day. They say that exercise is a powerful depression fighter. Regular exercise helps you relieving depression symptoms effectively.
Don’t be lazy or hesitate, do exercise right now to boost your mood. 10 minutes for the first launch is fine.
Tip 3: Don’t skip meals
Eating is very important. Our body need nutrition to support us with many activities. Also, we need a lot of vitamins, especially B vitamins such as B-12 vitamin to trigger depression. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids or brazil nuts play an important role in decreasing depression symptoms as it stabilizes our mood.  Plan a weekly dinner meal is good solution, take meals with anyone – your friends, your relatives, your family, or even a stranger is worth trying.
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Tip 4: Take a walk
One of simple ways on how to deal with depression is go out and have a walk, better with a workout trainer. If you don’t have a trainer supporting you, you can invite your friends to hang out, go to a large park, and enjoy the sunshine in the early morning.
Tip 5: Do meditation/ Yoga
Meditation and Yoga are very useful to alleviate your depression symptoms. Spend some time in nature and do meditation for about 30 minutes a day is helpful.
In conclusion – Ways to Deal With Depression.
According to its symptoms, this illness significantly decreases our quality of life. As you cannot sleep, you will make unproductive days. As you lose the wonderful sense of tasting, you will lose weight in unhealthy way and weaken your immune system. There will be a high risk of suffering many other illnesses and diseases.
In some special cases, depression can make you fantasize about hurting, even killing yourself, or plan how to do it. That’s terrible.
It is essential to aware of ways to deal with depression as soon as possible.

Authored By Ashley Bennet

Currently, Ashley Bennet is a certified nutrition consultant after finishing her Bachelor Degree in college of pharmacy at the University of Houston, United States.She has worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 3 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems. 

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