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6 Home remedies for whooping cough

Whooping cough which is called pertussis, is a greatly endemic bacterial infection. Its culprit is the bacterium Bordetella pertussis. This bacteria can penetrate into the body by invading the line or the airways like the trachea and bronchi. Since this epidemic is contagious, it can spread promptly via the sneezes and coughs of an infected victim. It mostly occurs small infants however, a healthy adult can be infected as well.
Once a person gets infected by the bacteria, it may take up to 10 days for the first symptoms to appear. During the first stage, many people may mistake it with common cold since its symptoms at that point of time are sneezing, mild coughing, a low fever as well as a runny nose. If the infection is left untreated or treated untimely, the cough might become more serious with “coughing spells”, which ends with a high – pitched “whoop” sound. In some severe cases, you might suffer from vomiting as well.   
Infants who are younger than 6 months old and those with weak immune system might be at higher risk when they catch this type of infection. The best method to prevent whoop cough is to execute pertussis vaccine. The vaccination should be started during infancy however, adult still can choose it.

You may adopt some home remedies to treat this whooping cough, ease the symptoms as well as shorten the period of the infection.

1.     LEMON
The citric acid found in lemon can effectively and easily decrease the mucus’s thickness. Plus, its powerful antiviral and antibacterial compounds can ward off the infection while the vitamin C source in lemon can promote the immune system.
·        Drink lemon juice with honey added in several times a day to reduce the symptoms of whooping cough.
There are antibacterial and antiviral compounds galore in turmeric powder that can be used effectively to treat whooping cough. Since it obtains a therapeutic effect on coughs especially dry coughs, it can ward off the whooping cough. Moreover, its incredible immune – supporting compounds also aid your body in fighting infections.
·        Mix some raw honey to some turmeric powder to consume twice on a daily basis until you notice the improvement.
·        Instead, you can drink milk that has been mixed with turmeric powder
·        Alternatively, taking some turmeric supplements is also sufficient however do consult doctor before consuming any capsule.
3.     GINGER
Ginger plays an important part when it comes to treat whooping cough. The antibacterial properties in ginger can be used effectively to destroy the bacteria causing this conditions. In addition, its incredible immune – boosting compounds found in ginger can ward off the infection effectively and support the healing process.
·        Mix some extracted ginger juice with raw honey and consume it twice on a daily basis to get rid of whooping cough
·        Instead you can mix ginger juice, onion juice and lemon juice together and consume 1 tablespoon of this mixture 2 – 3 times daily
·        Alternatively, boil some fenugreek seeds in water till the amount of water remains half. And add some extracted ginger juice and some honey and consume it directly once on a daily basis for several days to get the best results.

4.     HONEY

Honey can be effective when it comes to treat whooping cough as well. Thanks to the appearance of the antiseptic properties, antibacterial compounds as well as healing properties, honey can exterminate the bacteria that is responsible for this infection.
·        Consume a glass of warm water mixed with raw honey for several times a day to sooth the pain in the throat.
·        Consume a spoon of raw honey mixed with cinnamon powder before going to sleep to have a better sleep.
5.     GARLIC
Working perfectly as an antibiotic to ward off whooping cough, garlic can effective treat the symptoms of this contagious bacterial infections as well as clear the pertussis infection.
·        Consume some extracted garlic juice several times a day for several days
·        At the same time, you can put some grated garlic cloves into a pot of water and boil them. Inhale the steam from the solution so that the whooping cough will fade away.
·        Grind some garlic cloves, add distilled water and apple cider vinegar to create a solution. Let the mixture sit for at least 4 hours and then strain it using a cheesecloth. Add some honey to the mixture and consume the syrup
6.     OREGANO
This herb can cure respiratory infections especially whooping cough. They have found antispasmodic, expectorant and antibacterial properties in oregano which can effectively help to ease the mucus in the lungs and sooth the dry coughing as well.
·        Boil some water and add several drops of oregano oil into it. Cover your head and inhale the vapor. Repeat the process for several times a day to sooth the coughing.
·        Mix oregano with some carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil to create a mixture. Use this mixture to rub on your chest before going to sleep.
In conclusion, since this is a contagious bacterial infection, you should consult your doctor in order to acquire proper treatment.


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