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Collating Google Play Store and Apple's App Store

At present, Google and Apple are dominating and reigning supreme with respect to the world of smartphones, App stores, gadgets and the Operating Systems. Both of them feature a number of more than 2 million mobile apps each. Google Play Store is providing access to a large number of apps to be accommodated in the store. Apple is providing the developers with the chance to augment and make use of their potential and skills when it comes to designing top notch apps. The article details the collation of Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

Initially, when the App store was launched, Apple was packed with 500 apps. Some 5 years later, it featured a figure of more than 1 million apps. At present, the Apple App Store features more than 2.2 million apps and the Google Play Store is packed with more than 2.7 million apps as evaluated in 2017.

Google Play Store when it was initially launched in 2008 went by another name Android Market before it adopted the present name in 2012. Ever since then, there is intense vying among the stores with relation to the fact which store has the maximum number of apps and the maximum app downloads. Analysis revealed that in 2016, Google Play Store accounted for 64 billion downloads and in the case of Apple's App store it was roughly 25 billion downloads.
Income is an important aspect to be considered when comparing Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. It is revealed that to generate good revenue, the Apple App Store is the apt place to do so. Enterprises are suggested to initiate the app development with an iPhone app as it can be very well monetized efficiently. The revenue generated by Google Play Store in the last quarter accounted to $ 3.3 billion while in the case of Apple's App Store it was an astounding figure of $5.4 billion in revenue for the same time period.
The Google Play Store and Apple App Store exhibit more or less homogeneous aspect with relation to profit distribution where 30% of the profit is for the store and the remaining 70% is for the designers.
For the Apple App Store, the users dont give a second thought when it comes to app purchase. However, on the contrary, Google Play Store has no alternative other than distributing the apps for free of cost due to the intense vying and the overabundance of apps for a particular group.

When apps are provided for free it is to the benefit and dismay of users and designers respectively. In the event designers provide free apps, they have to access and have a source of revenue to endure in the highly vying market. The answer to this question comes in the form of implementing advertisements. The ads are detested by the users and they go for ad blocker apps to tackle this new issue. For Apple, paying for apps is a typical aspect but when coming to Android users, they opt for free apps and as a consequence, the designers launch their apps for free on the Play Store.

Instant apps and beta testing of apps

Android users are allowed to complete app downloads to their devices in a jiffy. However, this is not in the case of iOS apps which have to be downloaded and installed manually and separately for both iPhone and iPad devices.
Google is also venturing into the aspect of designing Instant Apps. This signifies that users are not presented with the factor to install a whole app to access its features. Few traits of the apps can be downloaded to the device quickly, which permits the users to avail the traits and conserve space on their products simultaneously. In some instances, the users are provided with a message or a link which can be availed only by using a specific app. Instant apps eliminate the need to download the entire app into the devices just to have a short experience with it. Apple users are bound to be disappointed as this feature is not available for the iOS devices.
Further, Google Play Store provides its users with a feature to experiment with beta apps to avail the current traits. Yet, it must be contemplated that the beta app is likely to be changeable. Consumers are provided with the option to leave beta testing at any instant of time.

App varieties

Coming to the case of Android devices there are various different types of devices like smartphones and tablets which are also using different RAM specifications, CPUs and other such settings. Hence, Android app designers have to strive in order to port and personalise their apps onto the various devices. This is not featured for iOS devices as most of the iOS apps function without hassles on the iPhone and iPad devices. There are only some instances where some apps are designed exclusively for the iPhones while the others function only on iPad devices.
The Android Apps fall in several groups encompassing enterprise, educational, entertainment and such where there is an abundance of apps featured for a given category. The motto which Apple followed some time back to brand its  App store- "There's an app for that" is now in sync and applicable for its rival.

It is well noticeable with respect to the fact that Apple ventures a  lot on branding games on its store as they are a source of great income. Taking, for example, the case of Super Mario Run, the well-awaited game debuted on the iOS platform and however, there is no indication regarding its Android launch.
To amass the maximum number of users for their apps, the designers prefer to launch the apps in both iOS and Android versions. It is to be noted that Android apps and devices are well modifiable and tweakable with minimal inhibitions by rooting the device to alter its visual presence.

Ratings and Refunds

Google Play Store features effortless search for any app as it incorporates the brand's search engine traits. It is assimilated with Google+ aspect which indicates that users can access the ratings and comments for each app provided their friends have also manipulated the app and have made reviews. Thus the decision to download and install an app is narrowed down and simplified when the users access the reviews of their peers and family.
In the case of Apple, the ratings of the apps is in sync with the search factor where if an app has several good ratings, its chance of being found by users also increases. It is assumed that Apple developers are implementing an aspect where the users can rate an app only for 3 times a year. This is contrary in the case of Google Play Store and its apps.
The refunding aspects in the Google Play Store is such that users can avail this feature within 2 hours of purchase. For Apple the time is increased to 14 days. However, this aspect is present only in specific nations.


Coming to this point, App Store is more secure as the brand invests a lot of time with regards to scrutinising the app and then launching it for the users. This is the central principle with respect to Apple's top notch standards. Care is taken to analyse and review an app in the App Store which consumes a substantial amount of time. Thus, Apple can follow its protocols and maintain the quality factor associated with its apps. 
On the contrary, Google Play Store features apps which are not of a given standard. Analysis exposes that there are thousands of sub-standard apps in the Google Play Store. Such apps are not present in the case of Apple's app store which makes the App Store clean of malware
However, Google's app publishing aspect is quicker where the app is released when it is in tune with the Android app protocols. This is the reason why malwares escape the scrutinising aspect. Yet, Google has also reinforced and made its app publishing standards more stringent and stern and as a consequence, there is not any report of any big malware effects quite recently.

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