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Lyft riders will start hailing in luxury sedans and SUVs

The second largest ridesharing giant in the United States is expanding its territory in Maryland that will offer the riders with high end cars.

Lyft arrived in a new style

The ridesharing company launched its new stylish high end carriers last year, so the riders can see many number of posh cars like the Mercedes, Audi and BMW with pink mustaches. The car sharing company has hired high rated drivers to access the luxury vehicles like the SUVs and sedans also the drivers driving the Lyft Premier Cars to earn more than the other drivers.

In general, the company encourages its drivers to build a friendly relationship with the riders by offering them water bottles and gums and mobile phone charger, but the drivers do not offer the additional service in the Lyft Premier. However has the leather seats and additional leg room are offered in the luxurious cars. The company has partnered with the tech company Apple to transport their employees and also the company has included many features for all the enterprise riders. This new premium service of the ridesharing company will target the corporate travel that has been increasing over the past few years.
The cost of the Lyft Premier Ride was twice the amount of the traditional Lyft service and was first available only in some of the major cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. And the service was soon increased in other cities.

Exploring the Maryland city

The car sharing company that has its operation only in the United States is the only rival in that country for the ridesharing giant-Uber that has global ridesharing service. To compete with the global company, Lyft has taken strategic plans and projects to retain its traditional users and at the same time is try to impress new riders to join the company. As a part of its strategic mission, the car sharing company launched a rental program in Baltimore in June 2016 called the Expressive Drive.
The ridesharing company partnered with the leading automaker General Motors in launching the new rental car program that will enable the Lyft drivers to rent cars from the General Motors for different rates. The rates of the rental cars mostly depend on the type of vehicle and the city. The Lyft drivers can use the rental cars as their own vehicle to pick up and drop off the Lyft passengers in the destination location. The key principle of the rental car project is that it includes the maintenance and insurance of the vehicle.

Before Baltimore, the first Express Drove rental program was launched in Chicago in March. According to the ridesharing company’s blog about thirty percent of the riders in the city and the rental services crossed one million miles within three to four months. And the company expanded the rental service in other cities like Washington D C and Boston and later in Baltimore.
Earlier more than one hundred and sixty thousand drivers from Chicago, Baltimore, Washington D C and Boston applied in the ridesharing service but were not qualified because of the standard of the vehicle. However, now many drivers are able to ride for the company by renting cars through the rental program, while the drivers those who already have a qualified car an use the rental service to save some mileage on their personal vehicle.
Though, the cost of the rental vehicle depends on the size and type of the vehicle, the total rate decreases as the number of riders increase. Therefore, a driver in Baltimore can use the rental program and rent a Chevrolet Malibu for forty nine dollars per week if they ride for forty rides in a week and the drivers can rent the car for free if they take sixty five and more rides. However, have to pay an additional rental charge of 0.25 dollars per mile if they drive less than forty rides. And the rental services are weekly so the drivers can return the cars at the pro-rated cost. The ridesharing company reported 12.3 million dollars economic impact in the city last year.

Baltimoreans ride in royal cars

After launching the rental service in the city, the ridesharing company is fully into the city and launched its new luxury service in the city.
The ridesharing company already announced that they will expand their service in many other cities in the country and this new service is part of its plans to broaden the service. The company launched the Lyft Premier Service that allows the riders to hail in luxury cars like sedans and SUVs. Apart from Baltimore, the company will launch its high end service in other cities like San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
However, Washington D C was the first city in which Lyft offered the Premier services. When compared to the cost of the regular Lyft ride to that of the high end service, it is about one dollar for a mile and as it is 0.23 dollars more for every minute and the cancellation cost is ten dollars. The riders who wish to take a ride in the Lyft Premier can look up for the rates in the official website of the ridesharing company. The company aims to offer the riders to take a one- off trip to the concerts or restaurants in style and experience the posh ride in vehicles like BMW, Audi and Mercedes. The company came to the conclusion to start with the new service is was after a survey taken by the ridesharing company in which it showed that about sixty percent of the riders hailing in Lyft wanted to go on a fancy ride in a high end cars.
These programs initiated by the ridesharing company are to sustain its market in the United States while competing with the leading multinational transportation company. Uber offers its passengers the SUV rides via the XL option.

Ride hailing rival in the industry

Being the competitor and also the leading company I the transportation industry, Lyft looks over Uber and makes sure that the company counteracts with the possible difficulties in operating the service. Because most of the traditional Uber passengers complained that the waiting time while using the ride services like UberBlack and UberSELECT is more than the UberX and UberPool service.
Normally when the high end riders are costly, the number of passengers using the service is lesser when compared to the other services also it becomes difficult for the company to hail the luxury vehicles on the outskirts.

Most of the initiative plans by both the ridesharing companies is swapped one over the other for years. Uber started many different projects like the food delivery service UberEATS and reward programs like ad free Pandora, Upfront fares and Capital One. But most of the services in the ridesharing industry was launched by Lyft, like the integration of the tipping system along with the ride fare, offering same day payment for the drivers, riders can book the ride on behalf of the third party and schedule the rides. These services were later followed by most of the ridesharing companies in the market including the ridesharing giant.

The new service by the ridesharing company in Baltimore and other cities are expected to get more response from the passengers of all standards and also the company targets the corporate companies.

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