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To buy or to rent your Home, Sweet Home?

Millennials these days move to different cities and tend to rent houses as renting is cheaper than buying and makes sense for people who don’t plan on staying in the city forever. Rental housing is essential in India. Rental housing can also be termed as affordable housing and is picking up the pace in the country. The government is discussing and coming up with ways and means of easing stringent rent control norms, to make this necessity available to everyone.

Be it a rented independent house in Bangalore, a one BHK in Mumbai, or a 3BHK apartment in Gurgaon, the rental yield is low in Indian cities. The opportunity cost of holding on property in India is higher as renting out property is not very profitable. The reason could be a disproportion between rents and rise in housing prices. In India, there is no flourishing rental market. The rental market is largely informal, which is why the rents and housing prices are not coming closer.
Growing progression of urban areas and increasing population in these areas are the demand generators of affordable housing. With the increasing demand of for housing that is affordable but includes basic amenities, affordable housing provisions are important at all levels. From a national point of view, affordable housing indicates balanced growth in the country. Boosting affordable housing will lead to better quality of life and at the same time will provide a thrust to the GDP of the country.
The emerging corporate capital of Delhi NCR – Gurgaon, is home to a huge migrant population. The housing market in Gurgaon is highly active, as many people come to Gurgaon seeking job opportunities. Various housing societies have homes ready to be rented out and bought at the same time. Sector 49, Sector 42, Sector 26, Sector 88A, Bhiwadi Sector 15, etc. are some of the best locations for 3BHK in Gurgaon.

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  1. in India many people are staying in cites there are plan stay only few years, most of all staying in cites for job purpose this rental houses are very useful for non local people because rental houses are avoidable in there affordably cost.


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