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Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App

Most of us use mobile apps on our electronic devices. If you think they’re only for big name brands, such as Best Buy or Bank of America, you are really missing the mark. More and more often, smaller businesses are also following the trend of building custom mobile applications for their business. It’s becoming apparent that having a mobile strategy is more than just having a website that is mobile friendly.

A number of small businesses you frequent have their own dedicated mobile app. When it comes to marketing, these smaller businesses are really ahead of the game because they offer an app to their customers.

If you are still on the fence about building a custom mobile application, these benefits might have you changing your mind.

Constant Visibility to Customers

Research shows that people spend more than two hours a day on a mobile device. Even though they likely have a few favored apps that they use regularly, they are still unlocking and scanning for new apps that will make their life simpler. You have the opportunity to take advantage of this by showing up on their radar as they are using their device. In doing so, they gradually become accustomed to seeing your app and they don't even know it.

It Offers Direct Marketing

There are many different reasons why people use mobile applications. Some people are simply looking for information, while others may be searching Google, looking for prices, sending messages, checking the news or other online accounts.

Having your own mobile app allows you to put something very important in front of your target audience, including promotions and sales. The use of push notifications allows for an even more direct interaction and you can continue to remind your customers about your services and products as it fits in with their mobile usage.

Mobile Apps Provide Value

Do you have a loyalty program for your business? You can put it at your customer’s fingertips when using a mobile app. Rather than having them present their card at the point-of-sale, why not just use the mobile app to let them collect their rewards on their own schedule? You will find that it brings in repeat customers and additional downloads. As an example, you can use PunchMe, a service that allows for the development of loyalty programs on the smartphone.

Let Your Brand Be Recognized

Brand awareness is very important in today's world and a mobile app can be beneficial in this way. It is important to consider the two aspects associated with this topic and when you use both, your app will be a success.

Brand - You can think of your mobile app as being a blank billboard. You can take your app any direction you want it to go, regardless of whether it is hip, informative, shocking or stylish. The real key is to create the application in a way that your customers will be unable to resist it. At the same time, you would want to promote your brand and keep it pleasing to the eye.

Recognition - As your customers continue to use your app, they will be more likely to take advantage of the services and products that you offer. This is known as effective frequency in marketing circles. Perhaps you have heard that it may take up to 20 different contacts in order to get somebody to take action. You can get those contacts using your mobile app easily.

Engage with Your Customers

Your customers want to reach you, no matter what service you provide. A mobile app can facilitate communication via a helpdesk or messaging feature within it.  OpenTable used this very principle when building their business. At one time, you would call ahead for a table at the restaurant but now, you can use the OpenTable app to do it in only 5 clicks. Do you think that your customers would rather communicate with you electronically? You bet they would!

Triumph over the Competition

Mobile apps are still relatively rare for small businesses and this provides a unique opportunity for you. When you offer a mobile application to your customers, you are getting ahead of the competition. They will appreciate the fact that you were the first to offer such a service.

Builds Customer Loyalty

Although customer loyalty is found at the bottom of this list, it certainly is not the least important. The fact is, when you have your own mobile app, it builds customer loyalty and this builds your business. It helps you to be seen in a world that throws advertising in the face of our potential customers every day. It doesn't matter if it is Internet banners, billboards, email marketing, Facebook ads or flashing signs, it can make it difficult for us to be seen and heard. When you connect with your customers using a mobile app, however, they will reward you with a degree of loyalty more so because you are available to them.

Want to know what your audience likes and dislikes about your app? Consider creating in-app surveys to ask users; we bet they’ll be willing to provide feedback.

Having a mobile app is only one way to grow your business, but it helps you connect with your customers and to be within reach at all times. When in doubt, go digital. 


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