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The Best Free JavaScript Libraries to Take Your Website to the Next Level

Are you in the process of developing a web application and need some free JavaScript Libraries to help make your task easier? Good news! There are tools available to you that will take your web application to the next level. These are the top JavaScript Libraries that developers use when they need to solve unique tasks on websites and web applications.


DropzoneJP is an open source library that allows you to drag and drop file uploads onto your website, complete with image previews. This lightweight library does not require other libraries like jQuery. The library offers numerous customizable options that allow you to create a unique theme.


SweetAlert is a better option than the standard JavaScript alert boxes. This JavaScript library will automatically center itself on your page and looks great on mobile devices, tablets and PCs. The default theme of SweetAlert is clean and modern, and it also comes with numerous animations. The software can be customized easily, allowing you to change the theme of your website with your own or one of the one that comes with the software. Additionally, you can add custom icons to create a unique website.


CamanJS offers expert image manipulation via JavaScript. This JavaScript library can apply numerous Instagram filters, including Grungy, Sunrise, Vintage and Lomo to your images using HTML5 canvas. This completely independent library can create amazing images and works with your browser or in NodeJS.


WOW.js is one of the best JavaScript libraries when it comes to adding animations that reveal themselves as users scroll down your website. Its simple to use interface works seamlessly with animate.css to create stunning animations. Although it is free for personal usage, you will be required to purchase a developer's license for commercial applications. You should be aware that if you are developing an open source application using a license that is compatible with the GNU SPL license v2, you could utilize this JavaScript library for free under the terms of the GPLv3.


Highlight.js offers a syntax highlighter that is able to work in a browser as well as via your server (with Node.js). This JavaScript library offers automatic language detection and does not depend on any framework. The Highlight.js supports more than 150 languages of offers more than 70 styles to choose from. Finally, Highlight.js allows you to create a customized bundle, including choosing only the languages that you need.


Lettering.js allows you to control the appearance and style of individual letters of a word. This JavaScript library also has the ability to split lines and words. You can check out some examples and learn how you can create amazing text effects in your custom web site design with this creative JavaScript library.


This is a front-end, open source framework that was released in 2016. It’s tagline is “a JavaScript framework for mobile, desktop, and web, leveraging simple conventions and empowering creativity.” It’s similar to Reach and Angular; it has different modules you can use to create your application. Use one, or use a combination of them in order to get the very best this library has to offer.

The library itself uses EcmaScript (it dictates JavaScript standards) and encourages you to write code using the new features without learning custom syntax that only works with this library.

If you are ready to create amazing looking websites using free JavaScript libraries, take a look at the list of libraries listed above. These JavaScript libraries will help to round out your wheelhouse of tools needed to create stunning websites.

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